Wednesday, February 23, 2022

There in That Place!

The issues of the days can put us in a daze...if we let them!  For God fully knew the issues that we would be dealing with whomever we are and when!  He also gave us precious assurances to which we dearly cling...

Oh, won't it be so wonderful
when we are in That Place?!
Residing with the only One
Who saves us by His grace!
Perfection only will be in
that Gilded Land afar;
in a moment, we will find that
in That Place we are!!
And gone be all the hindrances
in life we've come to know!
Present be the seeds of blessing,
in THIS life, we sow!
And present will be JESUS CHRIST--
reality and glory!
There to but continue on
our lives' amazing story!
And there to finally behold
with our very eyes
all the wealth He has for us,
yes, every single prize,
coming only from His hand--
the Giver of all life;
and no more dying, no disease,
no suffering or strife!!

Oh won't it be so wonderful
when we look into His face
as He tells each of us "Well done!
You made it to this Place!"

Then to reside forevermore
in Paradise perfection!
All due His generosity,
grace, mercy and affection!

Yes!  It will be wonderful there!  God tells us in His Word that it will be soon.  However, for some of us, it cannot come soon enough!  Press on, my dear friend!


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