Friday, February 11, 2022

The Wonder of 'Now!'

In the late afternoon, I sit with Jesus and my wife as we look to the days ahead, and enjoy the wonder of 'right now!'  

Trees of all begin to blossom-
oh so very lush!
They house the vespers symphony
that's anything but 'hush!'
Relaxing in the midst, do we
discuss the week ahead;
there be no apprehension, though,
as we are Spirit-led!
The only 'drawback' be the beauty
that has yet to fade.
The woodpeckers, blue jays and
the cardinals serenade!
The canopy, so various,
not yet providing shade
out here in the glorious
creation He has made!

How fortunate to have an office
under limb and bough!
And the direction of The Lord
to help us figure how.
Ahead will be successful--
this we know as He controls:
the One Who makes creation, yes,
the One Who saves our souls!

Trees of every kind in bloom...
the very faintest of perfume...
the 'coming together' of a plan--
so very wealthy be this man!!

Wealthy, indeed!  For God not only gives us the tools to succeed, He also supplies the ingredients, and a glorious office in which to work and receive instruction!  So generous He, and so glorious His creation!


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