Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Visual Buffet

The storm moved in last night.  I was barely able to make it up here due to the roads!  However, I am so glad that I did, as my eyes are treated to a visual buffet!

From the apex of this range
so stellar be the sights!
One can spend so many hours
on visual delights!
The storm is past.  The sun is out
and vivid are the hues.
For God--the Maker of it all--
so constantly renews!
For this, and other peaks around,
are coated with the white
that moved in so late yesterday
and started over night!
The sky so blue to frame it all,
the sun's illumination,
makes everywhere the eyes are cast
a visual celebration!

Winter finally painting life
with its many shades!
Wildlife now emerging with their
many escapades!
Entertaining to whomever
takes time to invest
in the sights that God creates--
they are the very best!
And blessed, the writer at this hour,
able to behold
the wonders and the sights that only 
happen in the cold!

I don't get up this mountain as often as I should, but every time I do God has something wonderful waiting for me!  Today, it be views and vistas that are only available here!  HE IS SO GOOD!


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