Friday, February 25, 2022

The Unreal Reality

The news is on.  In fact, it keeps coming on, breaking into programming, with 'facts' that were mere speculation before...

I see photographs with faces with
destruction all around...
regardless of the 'warfare,'
'anonymous' is not found!
'Warfare' has so many reasons,
few I understand;
especially the largest foe
against such a minor land!

And again, the many faces
with chaos all around...
"'COME QUICKLY!' we cry out, oh Lord,
that peace, it may be found!
A perfect peace without a threat 
of anything at all:
no enemy, no motive and
no fear to come to call!"

But that's tomorrow!  Today is filled
with and deep concern
for faces we don't even know
whose land, it would yet burn!
They are doing all they know to do
but simply to survive--
we lift them to Almighty God
that He keep them alive!!

Evil...wickedness...selfishness all plays out before our very eyes.  Playing out??  I'm sorry.  That's a heartless term to use!  For it's not 'PLAY' at all!  It's the actions of a wicked, greedy man and it's costing life dearly!  
Please pray for the folks in the Ukraine and, of course, pray 'COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!


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