Monday, February 28, 2022


So, you became president of the corporation.  That's all well and good.  Congratulations!  Whatever your titles or achievements are, they will matter little when you stand before THE Holy God!  He's not going to look at your status.  He IS going to wonder what you did with your profits!

I walk the streets of Ensenada-
so beautiful, so fair!
The people are so welcoming
and friendly way down there.
The ocean is so beautiful
as it laps at the beach...
is all of this a mere facade?
but what did Jesus teach?

This vacation is so necessary
given the days that are.
So wonderful, the precious rest
even here afar.
But, even in this paradise,
there be a darker side;
one doesn't have to look too far
as, pain, it does not hide!

While I relax and rest awhile,
some struggle to exist:
these are the ones that 'success'
and progress seem to have missed!
Their one desire is to make it
but from day-to-day,  
myself, along with MANY others
can see to such a way!

Progress--in a place like this
looks different than we know.
And it reminds WE ARE SO BLESSED
regardless what life would show!
And so we give, as best we can,
wherever we should be!
We give--because He gives to us
with liberality!

We give.  No matter who we are.  No matter what we have accomplished.  We give, because we are blessed, and because what is given to us comes from above, and one CANNOT outgive Him!


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