Sunday, February 13, 2022

So Many Ducks!

'Life' has a way of affecting each of us in different ways.  We each have our different ways of hiding it.  What would happen if such were not hidden, and everyone was willing to assist one another in necessary ways?  Hmm...

Who can understand the 
desperation that's at bay
when so much of 'living' hinges on
the way you 'feel' each day?
You have a loved one that depends
on you for everything.
And one must care for two in 
everything that life would bring!

The pain and the frustration
that few can understand--
it is a feeling known to little
yet so close at hand.
When one must care for someone else
the challenge is intense
when that ONE has challenges too, 
there's little making any sense!
Frustration builds and hope declines
in such a situation.
If YOU know people such as these,
attempt to build relation!
For on the outside, they may appear
to 'have it all together,'
while deep within, where none may see,
there be all sorts of weather!
AND GOD, for He is well aware
of that within us each.
That's why, so very constantly,
be His uplifting reach!
Do not ignore Him, passing by,
for He's the ONLY Way
for those of us with challenges
to make it through the day!

Most of us are pretty good at putting up a front.  We are like the duck: we seem to be floating peacefully along the top of the lake, while under the water we are paddling like crazy to stay afloat!!  

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