Thursday, February 24, 2022

So, IF you're a Christian...

'Life' has each and every one of us involved.  Some of us are involved in things that are running along smoothly, others are involved in fixing those things that do not.  I must admit, I prefer to be involved in the former than the latter!

How wonderful when all is working right.
Life's pleasures--they are certainly a delight!
But, when they don't, it almost takes a fight,
even when it starts out so polite!
And when such 'speedbumps' in life are occurred,
we discover who will truly keep their word!

Yes, wonderful when, smoothly, life would go.
But that's NOT 'the everyday' as we well know!
Someone tells us "I'll take care of it..."
just so a conversation, it will quit!
And even when it's 'casual,' you know,
how often hear we 'Hey, I gotta go?'
Or worse, as every one of us has seen,
a 'lie' is told just to avoid the scene!
But each of those lies we WILL answer for
When Jesus Christ the Lord we stand before.
He knows the heart and every motive thence;
and, on That Day, there will be recompense!

Genuineness, truth and integrity
SHOULD flow out of the heart so very free.
If we proclaim that Jesus is our Lord,
then honesty, in life, should be outpoured!
And then, those 'speedbumps' all along the way
will hinder not!  They shall not even sway!

Rise ye thus above all circumstance.
In EVERY situation, keep your stance!
Though others in your life may be 'contrary,'
know the situation is temporary!

Sure, every day is different.  However, there are some 'constants' related to them each: they all require 'integrity!'  That word may not mean much to the world.  However, if you proclaim that you're a Christian, it SHOULD be a way of EVERY circumstance.


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