Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Seasonal Surprise!

What happened?!  I woke up this morning and everything is white!!  No one spoke of this on last night's forecast!  Oh well, let's make the most of it...

Winter whispers to us 
once again, this early day.
The week has been fantastic in
so many wondrous ways!
But reality--it has returned
as frozen is outside!
No 'coffee this day on the porch,'
too frigid be that ride!
But with Him here, behind the glass,
the coffee's almost done;
and He and I converse about
the things that will be done.
For He already knows the whole
of all that I'll go through;
and. all throughout the day, are His
assurances anew!

And He assures to all that
temporary is the cold.
"This, too, shall pass!"  He says to my heart
in a voice so bold!
And life, it shall return to normal,
(whatever that may mean!)
It just may take a little longer
for results to be seen.
But do not miss the blessings
going on 'tween here and there!
There is so much that must be done, 
and He is everywhere!!

Each of us woke up this morning.  Some of us woke up to a completely different world than yesterday!  BUT GOD, He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He will see us to victory today and every day!


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