Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Our Walk Today

The end of the day.  Almost bedtime.  A day off from labors had I, so We took a little walk while the weather WAS nice.  (It is not so right now!)  BUT GOD made time for me earlier and We enjoyed His wondrous creation...  

My Jesus, my Creator walked

beside me on this day.
Together, we beheld the wonders
all along the way!
I voiced to Him my awe at
everything He showed to me.
He responded He made it with
HIs hands for such as we!

Time was not a factor for
the first time in a while.
As we walked, He saw my wonder
and it made Him smile.
None there to create such awe
in such sufficiency.
We ambled through the lightest layer
of the snow that be!

Trees waved at His command...
deer ate out of His hand...
birds sang a melody
while, fellowship, did we!

My Jesus, my Creator walked
beside me on this day;
and while He did, but time, itself,
was set beside the way!
It is a necessary part
that leads to all success.
No matter what was set aside,
He promises to bless!

A walk so necessary given the days that are?  No.  A walk so necessary but as often as we can to stay focused and in touch with God and His creation!  For He is ever-aware and ALWAYS in control!

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