Thursday, February 17, 2022


A brand new day...a brand new set of problems?  How about "A brand new day of BLESSINGS?!"  God is so good!

Season--in its full array
as the evening rises.
Everywhere I set my eyes
is full of blessed surprises
created by Creator God--
the Lover of my soul!
He piques my wonder all the day;
He does, all wonder, dole!

From the spectrum of the spectrum to
the budding of the trees,
God is the lone Organizer
of but all of these!
And the Orchestrator of
but ALL that's happening.
Know His awe and spectacle

Regardless of the situations,
problems or events,
none of it, the wonder of
His awe and grace, prevents!
Therefore, shall He be glorified--
WHO He is and so much more!
He is the God of every season,
and Him, we're living for!

As I stand at the window of the office, the wind is blowing, and you can see the buds on every branch and limb!  Too, the birds of such variety and squirrels are so busy throughout the trees!  I am a very blessed man!


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