Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Jim & Mitzi

There are days in this life when all you want to do is hear a familiar voice so that you can press on.  And God usually sees to it that the voice that comes is from someone who goes through the same things you do.  He is so very good at that!

How can the sound of just a voice
help a heart to heal?
How can a person's presence cause
a shortfall to reveal?
How can it be so healing just
to hear "I can relate?"
It's only when The Lord steps in
and helps communicate!
And God--He knows exactly when
and where to install them!
Jim & Mitzi, you are both
such wondrous tools of Him!
"Unconventional" be the term
placed on your ministry.
We are just grateful that you are
the persons that you be!
'Somehow' you know just when to call,
exactly what to say;
advising, without condemnation,
in a miraculous way!
You 'minister' and do not 'preach;'
you judge not, but 'advise.'
In innocent simplicity
God makes you ever-wise!
And Jim, you press on through the pain,
(no matter how bad it gets,)
all the while, sharing wisdom,
masking any frets!
For God has made the two of you
His ministers abroad.
FOR THIS, we give such adoration
and praise unto our God!!

Surround yourselves with wise people.  Protect them, love them, pray for them!  For they are becoming more and more scarce!  Becoming more scarce?  Well...not really.  For the wisest ones be them who do not flaunt such but are right there when you need them most!


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