Monday, February 7, 2022

Glory Regardless!!

Though we see things the way they are, we are still knowing of all that is yet to be!  That said, there is no way that we can keep quiet!!  

Heaven is in my heart today
as I press on ahead.
I KNOW that Paradise awaits
all accepting what He bled!
There is so much now happening,
and more so each new day,
that points to Jesus coming back--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Regardless how busy life may get,
no matter how 'insecure,'
God promises, along the way,
that we shall each endure!
for He knows what is best.
For He knows all of everything
and sees that we are blessed!

Yes, Heaven is in my heart today--
so glorious the song!
That never-ending melody
that's spurring us along.
Encouraging even others as
we do as we are led
the 'everyday' here in this life
with Jesus at the head!

Oh, that glorious Day that is soon and very soon!  See it with me, won't you?  It is closer than we can imagine, and more glorious than we can ever know!!


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