Friday, February 11, 2022


Each and every one of us has a place in this life, and duties therein.  We can be the most wretched of folk and still hide it!  BUT GOD, He knows the intent of the heart...

Regardless of your status or
the salary you make...
no matter your popularity
or 'footprint' that you make...
regardless of how many 'friends'
that you may have online,
what you are in the eyes of God
is all that will define!

Too many think it is the wealth
that they've accumulated.
Even more think it's the way
they're 'loved' or they are 'hated!'
But all that is 'surface' unto God,
for He KNOWS how you are;
and showing Him your 'accolades'
will not get you too far!

So 'be yourself.'  Be pliable
inside His mighty hands.
Be obedient to Him
and go where He commands!
For such will build your status where
it matters most of all!
Not your stance in sight of man,
your response unto His call!

I am no better than you are,
and you're no more than I;
for you and I, we are the same
in sight of God Most High!
Integrity is what we are
in sight of not another,
and Jesus Christ alone decides
if He will call us "Brother!"

Yes, we can do good works all day long.  AND THAT IS GOOD!  But 'good works' and popularity are invisible when God looks into the heart!  For He alone knows the TRUE contents of such!


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