Sunday, February 6, 2022

Frigid Inspiration

Standing at the window right now beholding what the storm has left behind.  It says a lot of things to a lot of folks, but it speaks inspiration to this man...

The sunlight makes to glisten

the ice upon the limbs.
The heart itself would yet rehearse
those awesome Holy hymns!
The weather--it can be a factor--
for better or for worse.
For it has caused some sights of which
there are NONE that may rehearse!
But, as beautiful, so dangerous
can be the very same!
Scan the landscape on this morn
and give God all acclaim!
For the 'glory' of the scenery,
it is intensified
when dusted with that ivory 
so wide!

Yea, winter, it is finally 
to leave its frigid signs.
But everywhere the eyes are cast
be glorious designs!
From the flaky to the frozen
beauty would abound;
and the Creator of it all,
His Presence would surround!

Several days after this winter storm, the writer has an opportunity to capture it with his pen.  Verses could go on and on and on about it, but these words be only what is seen from ONE window!  Stay tuned...

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