Friday, February 4, 2022


In a foreign church in an unfamiliar city far from home.  It COULD be uncomfortable, but it's not!  For we are family.  GOD'S family!  And such is proven as soon as we start singing!

Before the gathered masses
to glorify my God.
We bring to Him our praises,
we sing and we applaud!
And we minister as God would lead
unto one another--
all the more solidifying
'sister' and, yes, 'brother!

We gather and we fellowship--
it's necessary so!
We learn...we grow...we get so rich
in 'gathering,' you know?
For such is Father's purpose, and
the benefits abound;
and it's a necessary key
that we know 'Solid Ground!'

Withing the gathered masses
is life--so very much!
So wonderful--such fellowship,
community and touch!
We be ourselves within the same,
and, yet, become we 'one'
as we witness God the Father,
Spirit and The Son!

Within the gathered masses--
so vital in this day!
To give and to receive before
we leave this land for aye!

So wonderful it is to be in such 'community' so far from home!  The kids left for Ireland this morning, leaving us with the grandkids.  It is torture...but it hurts so good!!


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