Saturday, February 26, 2022


Walking through the land once again.  I be not alone, you know?  God my Father walks and talks with me about the day that is and all that be around!

Dew upon the branches glistens
with the setting sun...
nothing whatsoever moves-
the gentle winds are done...
but, in the stillness, in the green,
there is much life alive!
The squirrels and the birds to frolic
and to greatly thrive!
And Him creating all of them
so walks the yard with me!
So valuable--the conversation
between such as we!
He listens and He answers,
I speak and He responds;
and, in the real, green afternoon
we strengthen those deep bonds!

In the dew of afternoon,
with God's heart, I am in tune!
A time so very, very real;
so very much of life reveal!
No moment of it is to waste.
And the same--it cannot be replaced!
Find time with Him to set aside.
All life, it will be fortified!

Time with God alone.  There is NOTHING like it!  It is not just a 'convenience,' 'passing time,' it is a wonderful investment in life alive!  Never miss out on it...WHENEVER time of day it happens!


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