Tuesday, February 8, 2022

At the End With Jesus

At the end of the day.  Praising God.  Worshipping Jesus.  Reveling in the glorious Presence.  Too, going over all that happened today.  One event, though, is quite painful...

In the stillness, in the silence,
so much comes to light!
For there is a God.  He's very real
and, in Him, we delight!
There is not a thing He does not know
about our every day,
and endless opportunities
He gives along The Way!
Like that person I tried to avoid
earlier this morning.
As I reflect upon him now
my heart goes into mourning.
He had a need that I could meet
had I just made the time.
As I see how I treated him
I realize my crime!
He placed that person purposely
for me to reach out to.
Instead, I allowed busyness
to cloud my narrow view!
And that 'other' person had a need
this afternoon to talk.
Rather than make time for them,
my heart, it chose to balk!

Such situations CANNOT be
if I'm to remain a 'tool'
that God can count on anytime;
instead, I was a fool!
I knew the error of my ways
the moment of the deed,
and, rather than correct it THEN,
I didn't even heed!
'Tis only now--the pain, regret,
ignoring Holy Spirit.
If I continue ignore such lead,
eventually, I won't hear it!
Such is a place that I want not!
Therefore, now, I repent.
For I must be obedient
WHENEVER I am sent!

All of you reading this know how I feel.  You pray for opportunity to share God and, once He provides it, you walk right by!  
"Father God, please forgive us for ignoring Your lead.  Please continue to use us for YOUR glory, as there remains so much need out there, so many lost folks desperately in need of You!

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