Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Blessed be The Blind!

We are a busy people.  Places to go...people to see...things to do...CONSTANTLY, it seems!  And when we finally force ourselves to tend to one another, we often see right through them!  Hmm...

How can you hear my message when
you can't get past my looks?
Is that why I'm more popular
on pages or in books?
You have a certain 'mindset' about
people of 'my kind;'
and, regardless how stellar be my works,
it will change not your mind!
You walk up to me on the street
and cross to the other side.
Is that because I measure not
to what your hearts decide?
You know my words, you know my voice
and avoid me, knowing not
I am a child of your Father,
from Whence such words I've got!!

In situations such as this
so blessed are the blind
that cannot see my shape, my color,
or faults that they will find!
For they accept me as I am
and keep me not afar;
a 'true' example of The Father,
but such as these, they are!
For they are quick for to accept
and likely least to judge
any blemish this man has, yea,
even the slightest smudge!
Oh, that ALL could have the vision
such as these possess.
The world would be a better place
and avoid many a mess!

"BLESSED BE THE BLIND."  As far as the 'eyes' go, at least!  For they possess the innocence and pleasure of seeing people as they are.  Why don't the rest of us do the same?


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