Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Beautiful Seasons!

Looking out the window this morning.  Taking in as much as I can of His glorious wonder!  Winter was here last week.  Today feels almost like spring.  And they tell me that winter will be back this weekend!  No complaints!

The snow lies now in patches,
with "'60's" yet in store!
If one word describes the weather here
it would be the word 'more!'
Nowhere has this man resided
with such variety!
It seems to change but day-to-day--
glorious mystery!

I take a moment to enjoy
with coffee firm in hand,
conversing with Creator God,
receiving His command.
Conversing with Him freely of
the things that He creates,
knowing it can change at any
time He delegates!
Taking in the glory, once
again, do I hear "More!"
And I am minded of the 
Paradise He has in store!
Far greater than what we can know,
and 'more' than can be known!
So fortunate be ANYONE
that Jesus calls "His own!"

Fortunate be this writer to be of the number that He calls 'His own.'  And fortunate to live in a location containing the glory of His creation...and MORE of it!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!


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