Sunday, February 27, 2022


As full as the days may be, there MUST be time set aside for God.  When there is, there's no telling what He may reveal to you!  Look what I saw...

The glory of His Majesty
enthroned above all other!
The constant sound of worship is
ascribed to not another!
Honor, praise and majesty--
for they are God's alone
as we assemble with our hearts
before The King alone!
Even kings and magistrates
assemble in this crowd...
even heavenly beings cry
their praise to Him aloud!
ALL creation blends their voices
in a worship song
to Christ the King, Jesus, Lord,
to whom we each belong!

For such is in the heavenlies
that we cannot yet see.
But, all throughout our scope of sight,
His adorations be!!
For He is holy!  He is worthy!
He is over all!
And we will join Him in That Place
at The Trumpet call!

That is our 'reality' THEN.  Our reality now are the glimpses of His glory granted to us as we read His Word, fellowship together, pray amongst each other and spend private time with Him.  Don't take these opportunities for granted!  For each of them serve to spur us on unto That Day!


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