Monday, February 28, 2022


So, you became president of the corporation.  That's all well and good.  Congratulations!  Whatever your titles or achievements are, they will matter little when you stand before THE Holy God!  He's not going to look at your status.  He IS going to wonder what you did with your profits!

I walk the streets of Ensenada-
so beautiful, so fair!
The people are so welcoming
and friendly way down there.
The ocean is so beautiful
as it laps at the beach...
is all of this a mere facade?
but what did Jesus teach?

This vacation is so necessary
given the days that are.
So wonderful, the precious rest
even here afar.
But, even in this paradise,
there be a darker side;
one doesn't have to look too far
as, pain, it does not hide!

While I relax and rest awhile,
some struggle to exist:
these are the ones that 'success'
and progress seem to have missed!
Their one desire is to make it
but from day-to-day,  
myself, along with MANY others
can see to such a way!

Progress--in a place like this
looks different than we know.
And it reminds WE ARE SO BLESSED
regardless what life would show!
And so we give, as best we can,
wherever we should be!
We give--because He gives to us
with liberality!

We give.  No matter who we are.  No matter what we have accomplished.  We give, because we are blessed, and because what is given to us comes from above, and one CANNOT outgive Him!


Sunday, February 27, 2022


As full as the days may be, there MUST be time set aside for God.  When there is, there's no telling what He may reveal to you!  Look what I saw...

The glory of His Majesty
enthroned above all other!
The constant sound of worship is
ascribed to not another!
Honor, praise and majesty--
for they are God's alone
as we assemble with our hearts
before The King alone!
Even kings and magistrates
assemble in this crowd...
even heavenly beings cry
their praise to Him aloud!
ALL creation blends their voices
in a worship song
to Christ the King, Jesus, Lord,
to whom we each belong!

For such is in the heavenlies
that we cannot yet see.
But, all throughout our scope of sight,
His adorations be!!
For He is holy!  He is worthy!
He is over all!
And we will join Him in That Place
at The Trumpet call!

That is our 'reality' THEN.  Our reality now are the glimpses of His glory granted to us as we read His Word, fellowship together, pray amongst each other and spend private time with Him.  Don't take these opportunities for granted!  For each of them serve to spur us on unto That Day!


Saturday, February 26, 2022


Walking through the land once again.  I be not alone, you know?  God my Father walks and talks with me about the day that is and all that be around!

Dew upon the branches glistens
with the setting sun...
nothing whatsoever moves-
the gentle winds are done...
but, in the stillness, in the green,
there is much life alive!
The squirrels and the birds to frolic
and to greatly thrive!
And Him creating all of them
so walks the yard with me!
So valuable--the conversation
between such as we!
He listens and He answers,
I speak and He responds;
and, in the real, green afternoon
we strengthen those deep bonds!

In the dew of afternoon,
with God's heart, I am in tune!
A time so very, very real;
so very much of life reveal!
No moment of it is to waste.
And the same--it cannot be replaced!
Find time with Him to set aside.
All life, it will be fortified!

Time with God alone.  There is NOTHING like it!  It is not just a 'convenience,' 'passing time,' it is a wonderful investment in life alive!  Never miss out on it...WHENEVER time of day it happens!


Friday, February 25, 2022

The Unreal Reality

The news is on.  In fact, it keeps coming on, breaking into programming, with 'facts' that were mere speculation before...

I see photographs with faces with
destruction all around...
regardless of the 'warfare,'
'anonymous' is not found!
'Warfare' has so many reasons,
few I understand;
especially the largest foe
against such a minor land!

And again, the many faces
with chaos all around...
"'COME QUICKLY!' we cry out, oh Lord,
that peace, it may be found!
A perfect peace without a threat 
of anything at all:
no enemy, no motive and
no fear to come to call!"

But that's tomorrow!  Today is filled
with and deep concern
for faces we don't even know
whose land, it would yet burn!
They are doing all they know to do
but simply to survive--
we lift them to Almighty God
that He keep them alive!!

Evil...wickedness...selfishness all plays out before our very eyes.  Playing out??  I'm sorry.  That's a heartless term to use!  For it's not 'PLAY' at all!  It's the actions of a wicked, greedy man and it's costing life dearly!  
Please pray for the folks in the Ukraine and, of course, pray 'COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!


Thursday, February 24, 2022

So, IF you're a Christian...

'Life' has each and every one of us involved.  Some of us are involved in things that are running along smoothly, others are involved in fixing those things that do not.  I must admit, I prefer to be involved in the former than the latter!

How wonderful when all is working right.
Life's pleasures--they are certainly a delight!
But, when they don't, it almost takes a fight,
even when it starts out so polite!
And when such 'speedbumps' in life are occurred,
we discover who will truly keep their word!

Yes, wonderful when, smoothly, life would go.
But that's NOT 'the everyday' as we well know!
Someone tells us "I'll take care of it..."
just so a conversation, it will quit!
And even when it's 'casual,' you know,
how often hear we 'Hey, I gotta go?'
Or worse, as every one of us has seen,
a 'lie' is told just to avoid the scene!
But each of those lies we WILL answer for
When Jesus Christ the Lord we stand before.
He knows the heart and every motive thence;
and, on That Day, there will be recompense!

Genuineness, truth and integrity
SHOULD flow out of the heart so very free.
If we proclaim that Jesus is our Lord,
then honesty, in life, should be outpoured!
And then, those 'speedbumps' all along the way
will hinder not!  They shall not even sway!

Rise ye thus above all circumstance.
In EVERY situation, keep your stance!
Though others in your life may be 'contrary,'
know the situation is temporary!

Sure, every day is different.  However, there are some 'constants' related to them each: they all require 'integrity!'  That word may not mean much to the world.  However, if you proclaim that you're a Christian, it SHOULD be a way of EVERY circumstance.


Wednesday, February 23, 2022

There in That Place!

The issues of the days can put us in a daze...if we let them!  For God fully knew the issues that we would be dealing with whomever we are and when!  He also gave us precious assurances to which we dearly cling...

Oh, won't it be so wonderful
when we are in That Place?!
Residing with the only One
Who saves us by His grace!
Perfection only will be in
that Gilded Land afar;
in a moment, we will find that
in That Place we are!!
And gone be all the hindrances
in life we've come to know!
Present be the seeds of blessing,
in THIS life, we sow!
And present will be JESUS CHRIST--
reality and glory!
There to but continue on
our lives' amazing story!
And there to finally behold
with our very eyes
all the wealth He has for us,
yes, every single prize,
coming only from His hand--
the Giver of all life;
and no more dying, no disease,
no suffering or strife!!

Oh won't it be so wonderful
when we look into His face
as He tells each of us "Well done!
You made it to this Place!"

Then to reside forevermore
in Paradise perfection!
All due His generosity,
grace, mercy and affection!

Yes!  It will be wonderful there!  God tells us in His Word that it will be soon.  However, for some of us, it cannot come soon enough!  Press on, my dear friend!


Thursday, February 17, 2022


A brand new day...a brand new set of problems?  How about "A brand new day of BLESSINGS?!"  God is so good!

Season--in its full array
as the evening rises.
Everywhere I set my eyes
is full of blessed surprises
created by Creator God--
the Lover of my soul!
He piques my wonder all the day;
He does, all wonder, dole!

From the spectrum of the spectrum to
the budding of the trees,
God is the lone Organizer
of but all of these!
And the Orchestrator of
but ALL that's happening.
Know His awe and spectacle

Regardless of the situations,
problems or events,
none of it, the wonder of
His awe and grace, prevents!
Therefore, shall He be glorified--
WHO He is and so much more!
He is the God of every season,
and Him, we're living for!

As I stand at the window of the office, the wind is blowing, and you can see the buds on every branch and limb!  Too, the birds of such variety and squirrels are so busy throughout the trees!  I am a very blessed man!


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Blessed be The Blind!

We are a busy people.  Places to go...people to see...things to do...CONSTANTLY, it seems!  And when we finally force ourselves to tend to one another, we often see right through them!  Hmm...

How can you hear my message when
you can't get past my looks?
Is that why I'm more popular
on pages or in books?
You have a certain 'mindset' about
people of 'my kind;'
and, regardless how stellar be my works,
it will change not your mind!
You walk up to me on the street
and cross to the other side.
Is that because I measure not
to what your hearts decide?
You know my words, you know my voice
and avoid me, knowing not
I am a child of your Father,
from Whence such words I've got!!

In situations such as this
so blessed are the blind
that cannot see my shape, my color,
or faults that they will find!
For they accept me as I am
and keep me not afar;
a 'true' example of The Father,
but such as these, they are!
For they are quick for to accept
and likely least to judge
any blemish this man has, yea,
even the slightest smudge!
Oh, that ALL could have the vision
such as these possess.
The world would be a better place
and avoid many a mess!

"BLESSED BE THE BLIND."  As far as the 'eyes' go, at least!  For they possess the innocence and pleasure of seeing people as they are.  Why don't the rest of us do the same?


Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Seasonal Surprise!

What happened?!  I woke up this morning and everything is white!!  No one spoke of this on last night's forecast!  Oh well, let's make the most of it...

Winter whispers to us 
once again, this early day.
The week has been fantastic in
so many wondrous ways!
But reality--it has returned
as frozen is outside!
No 'coffee this day on the porch,'
too frigid be that ride!
But with Him here, behind the glass,
the coffee's almost done;
and He and I converse about
the things that will be done.
For He already knows the whole
of all that I'll go through;
and. all throughout the day, are His
assurances anew!

And He assures to all that
temporary is the cold.
"This, too, shall pass!"  He says to my heart
in a voice so bold!
And life, it shall return to normal,
(whatever that may mean!)
It just may take a little longer
for results to be seen.
But do not miss the blessings
going on 'tween here and there!
There is so much that must be done, 
and He is everywhere!!

Each of us woke up this morning.  Some of us woke up to a completely different world than yesterday!  BUT GOD, He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He will see us to victory today and every day!


Sunday, February 13, 2022

So Many Ducks!

'Life' has a way of affecting each of us in different ways.  We each have our different ways of hiding it.  What would happen if such were not hidden, and everyone was willing to assist one another in necessary ways?  Hmm...

Who can understand the 
desperation that's at bay
when so much of 'living' hinges on
the way you 'feel' each day?
You have a loved one that depends
on you for everything.
And one must care for two in 
everything that life would bring!

The pain and the frustration
that few can understand--
it is a feeling known to little
yet so close at hand.
When one must care for someone else
the challenge is intense
when that ONE has challenges too, 
there's little making any sense!
Frustration builds and hope declines
in such a situation.
If YOU know people such as these,
attempt to build relation!
For on the outside, they may appear
to 'have it all together,'
while deep within, where none may see,
there be all sorts of weather!
AND GOD, for He is well aware
of that within us each.
That's why, so very constantly,
be His uplifting reach!
Do not ignore Him, passing by,
for He's the ONLY Way
for those of us with challenges
to make it through the day!

Most of us are pretty good at putting up a front.  We are like the duck: we seem to be floating peacefully along the top of the lake, while under the water we are paddling like crazy to stay afloat!!  

Friday, February 11, 2022


Each and every one of us has a place in this life, and duties therein.  We can be the most wretched of folk and still hide it!  BUT GOD, He knows the intent of the heart...

Regardless of your status or
the salary you make...
no matter your popularity
or 'footprint' that you make...
regardless of how many 'friends'
that you may have online,
what you are in the eyes of God
is all that will define!

Too many think it is the wealth
that they've accumulated.
Even more think it's the way
they're 'loved' or they are 'hated!'
But all that is 'surface' unto God,
for He KNOWS how you are;
and showing Him your 'accolades'
will not get you too far!

So 'be yourself.'  Be pliable
inside His mighty hands.
Be obedient to Him
and go where He commands!
For such will build your status where
it matters most of all!
Not your stance in sight of man,
your response unto His call!

I am no better than you are,
and you're no more than I;
for you and I, we are the same
in sight of God Most High!
Integrity is what we are
in sight of not another,
and Jesus Christ alone decides
if He will call us "Brother!"

Yes, we can do good works all day long.  AND THAT IS GOOD!  But 'good works' and popularity are invisible when God looks into the heart!  For He alone knows the TRUE contents of such!


The Wonder of 'Now!'

In the late afternoon, I sit with Jesus and my wife as we look to the days ahead, and enjoy the wonder of 'right now!'  

Trees of all begin to blossom-
oh so very lush!
They house the vespers symphony
that's anything but 'hush!'
Relaxing in the midst, do we
discuss the week ahead;
there be no apprehension, though,
as we are Spirit-led!
The only 'drawback' be the beauty
that has yet to fade.
The woodpeckers, blue jays and
the cardinals serenade!
The canopy, so various,
not yet providing shade
out here in the glorious
creation He has made!

How fortunate to have an office
under limb and bough!
And the direction of The Lord
to help us figure how.
Ahead will be successful--
this we know as He controls:
the One Who makes creation, yes,
the One Who saves our souls!

Trees of every kind in bloom...
the very faintest of perfume...
the 'coming together' of a plan--
so very wealthy be this man!!

Wealthy, indeed!  For God not only gives us the tools to succeed, He also supplies the ingredients, and a glorious office in which to work and receive instruction!  So generous He, and so glorious His creation!


Thursday, February 10, 2022

Valuable Preparation

First things first.  I get dressed and fix some coffee.  It is such a beautiful day, and I know exactly where to go first...

Early in the day I rise
as quietly as I can
so as to not disturb my love--
I am a wealthy man!
I rise to witness the formation
of a new day born,
and the approach of the winter
storms that many warn!

But in the quietude of now,
with coffee and the Lord,
there is precious time to fellowship
life often won't afford!
We talk about the issues, oh,
but only briefly so;
then we talk of the simplicities--
there is so much, you know!
Like the many birds--so happy that
the feeders are not dry...
the happy squirrels throughout the trees,
but catch a glimpse, do I.
They chatter as they go about
and check the feeders hanging,
while others sit upon the trunks--
the lids of such a-banging!
And the clouds--they're moving in,
so bold and yet so stealth!
What they contain is precious life--
that of the greatest wealth!!

Yes, early in the morn I rise.
Enjoy my coffee, watch the skies.
And worship God as I prepare
to do His will but anywhere!

So busy will be the day.  For some, already so.  But I am fortunate enough to not have to rush, thus I spend some of the morning with Jesus, Creator of the day!  Every day goes better when started with HIM!


Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Beautiful Seasons!

Looking out the window this morning.  Taking in as much as I can of His glorious wonder!  Winter was here last week.  Today feels almost like spring.  And they tell me that winter will be back this weekend!  No complaints!

The snow lies now in patches,
with "'60's" yet in store!
If one word describes the weather here
it would be the word 'more!'
Nowhere has this man resided
with such variety!
It seems to change but day-to-day--
glorious mystery!

I take a moment to enjoy
with coffee firm in hand,
conversing with Creator God,
receiving His command.
Conversing with Him freely of
the things that He creates,
knowing it can change at any
time He delegates!
Taking in the glory, once
again, do I hear "More!"
And I am minded of the 
Paradise He has in store!
Far greater than what we can know,
and 'more' than can be known!
So fortunate be ANYONE
that Jesus calls "His own!"

Fortunate be this writer to be of the number that He calls 'His own.'  And fortunate to live in a location containing the glory of His creation...and MORE of it!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

At the End With Jesus

At the end of the day.  Praising God.  Worshipping Jesus.  Reveling in the glorious Presence.  Too, going over all that happened today.  One event, though, is quite painful...

In the stillness, in the silence,
so much comes to light!
For there is a God.  He's very real
and, in Him, we delight!
There is not a thing He does not know
about our every day,
and endless opportunities
He gives along The Way!
Like that person I tried to avoid
earlier this morning.
As I reflect upon him now
my heart goes into mourning.
He had a need that I could meet
had I just made the time.
As I see how I treated him
I realize my crime!
He placed that person purposely
for me to reach out to.
Instead, I allowed busyness
to cloud my narrow view!
And that 'other' person had a need
this afternoon to talk.
Rather than make time for them,
my heart, it chose to balk!

Such situations CANNOT be
if I'm to remain a 'tool'
that God can count on anytime;
instead, I was a fool!
I knew the error of my ways
the moment of the deed,
and, rather than correct it THEN,
I didn't even heed!
'Tis only now--the pain, regret,
ignoring Holy Spirit.
If I continue ignore such lead,
eventually, I won't hear it!
Such is a place that I want not!
Therefore, now, I repent.
For I must be obedient
WHENEVER I am sent!

All of you reading this know how I feel.  You pray for opportunity to share God and, once He provides it, you walk right by!  
"Father God, please forgive us for ignoring Your lead.  Please continue to use us for YOUR glory, as there remains so much need out there, so many lost folks desperately in need of You!

Monday, February 7, 2022

Glory Regardless!!

Though we see things the way they are, we are still knowing of all that is yet to be!  That said, there is no way that we can keep quiet!!  

Heaven is in my heart today
as I press on ahead.
I KNOW that Paradise awaits
all accepting what He bled!
There is so much now happening,
and more so each new day,
that points to Jesus coming back--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Regardless how busy life may get,
no matter how 'insecure,'
God promises, along the way,
that we shall each endure!
for He knows what is best.
For He knows all of everything
and sees that we are blessed!

Yes, Heaven is in my heart today--
so glorious the song!
That never-ending melody
that's spurring us along.
Encouraging even others as
we do as we are led
the 'everyday' here in this life
with Jesus at the head!

Oh, that glorious Day that is soon and very soon!  See it with me, won't you?  It is closer than we can imagine, and more glorious than we can ever know!!


Sunday, February 6, 2022

Frigid Inspiration

Standing at the window right now beholding what the storm has left behind.  It says a lot of things to a lot of folks, but it speaks inspiration to this man...

The sunlight makes to glisten

the ice upon the limbs.
The heart itself would yet rehearse
those awesome Holy hymns!
The weather--it can be a factor--
for better or for worse.
For it has caused some sights of which
there are NONE that may rehearse!
But, as beautiful, so dangerous
can be the very same!
Scan the landscape on this morn
and give God all acclaim!
For the 'glory' of the scenery,
it is intensified
when dusted with that ivory 
so wide!

Yea, winter, it is finally 
to leave its frigid signs.
But everywhere the eyes are cast
be glorious designs!
From the flaky to the frozen
beauty would abound;
and the Creator of it all,
His Presence would surround!

Several days after this winter storm, the writer has an opportunity to capture it with his pen.  Verses could go on and on and on about it, but these words be only what is seen from ONE window!  Stay tuned...

Friday, February 4, 2022


In a foreign church in an unfamiliar city far from home.  It COULD be uncomfortable, but it's not!  For we are family.  GOD'S family!  And such is proven as soon as we start singing!

Before the gathered masses
to glorify my God.
We bring to Him our praises,
we sing and we applaud!
And we minister as God would lead
unto one another--
all the more solidifying
'sister' and, yes, 'brother!

We gather and we fellowship--
it's necessary so!
We learn...we grow...we get so rich
in 'gathering,' you know?
For such is Father's purpose, and
the benefits abound;
and it's a necessary key
that we know 'Solid Ground!'

Withing the gathered masses
is life--so very much!
So wonderful--such fellowship,
community and touch!
We be ourselves within the same,
and, yet, become we 'one'
as we witness God the Father,
Spirit and The Son!

Within the gathered masses--
so vital in this day!
To give and to receive before
we leave this land for aye!

So wonderful it is to be in such 'community' so far from home!  The kids left for Ireland this morning, leaving us with the grandkids.  It is torture...but it hurts so good!!


Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Visual Buffet

The storm moved in last night.  I was barely able to make it up here due to the roads!  However, I am so glad that I did, as my eyes are treated to a visual buffet!

From the apex of this range
so stellar be the sights!
One can spend so many hours
on visual delights!
The storm is past.  The sun is out
and vivid are the hues.
For God--the Maker of it all--
so constantly renews!
For this, and other peaks around,
are coated with the white
that moved in so late yesterday
and started over night!
The sky so blue to frame it all,
the sun's illumination,
makes everywhere the eyes are cast
a visual celebration!

Winter finally painting life
with its many shades!
Wildlife now emerging with their
many escapades!
Entertaining to whomever
takes time to invest
in the sights that God creates--
they are the very best!
And blessed, the writer at this hour,
able to behold
the wonders and the sights that only 
happen in the cold!

I don't get up this mountain as often as I should, but every time I do God has something wonderful waiting for me!  Today, it be views and vistas that are only available here!  HE IS SO GOOD!


Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Our Walk Today

The end of the day.  Almost bedtime.  A day off from labors had I, so We took a little walk while the weather WAS nice.  (It is not so right now!)  BUT GOD made time for me earlier and We enjoyed His wondrous creation...  

My Jesus, my Creator walked

beside me on this day.
Together, we beheld the wonders
all along the way!
I voiced to Him my awe at
everything He showed to me.
He responded He made it with
HIs hands for such as we!

Time was not a factor for
the first time in a while.
As we walked, He saw my wonder
and it made Him smile.
None there to create such awe
in such sufficiency.
We ambled through the lightest layer
of the snow that be!

Trees waved at His command...
deer ate out of His hand...
birds sang a melody
while, fellowship, did we!

My Jesus, my Creator walked
beside me on this day;
and while He did, but time, itself,
was set beside the way!
It is a necessary part
that leads to all success.
No matter what was set aside,
He promises to bless!

A walk so necessary given the days that are?  No.  A walk so necessary but as often as we can to stay focused and in touch with God and His creation!  For He is ever-aware and ALWAYS in control!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Jim & Mitzi

There are days in this life when all you want to do is hear a familiar voice so that you can press on.  And God usually sees to it that the voice that comes is from someone who goes through the same things you do.  He is so very good at that!

How can the sound of just a voice
help a heart to heal?
How can a person's presence cause
a shortfall to reveal?
How can it be so healing just
to hear "I can relate?"
It's only when The Lord steps in
and helps communicate!
And God--He knows exactly when
and where to install them!
Jim & Mitzi, you are both
such wondrous tools of Him!
"Unconventional" be the term
placed on your ministry.
We are just grateful that you are
the persons that you be!
'Somehow' you know just when to call,
exactly what to say;
advising, without condemnation,
in a miraculous way!
You 'minister' and do not 'preach;'
you judge not, but 'advise.'
In innocent simplicity
God makes you ever-wise!
And Jim, you press on through the pain,
(no matter how bad it gets,)
all the while, sharing wisdom,
masking any frets!
For God has made the two of you
His ministers abroad.
FOR THIS, we give such adoration
and praise unto our God!!

Surround yourselves with wise people.  Protect them, love them, pray for them!  For they are becoming more and more scarce!  Becoming more scarce?  Well...not really.  For the wisest ones be them who do not flaunt such but are right there when you need them most!