Saturday, January 22, 2022

We Can Help!

All of us have folks around us that are in need.  Those in need MIGHT be too proud to admit it or ask for it, but if you be the friend that God intends, He will certainly use you!

We are here for you no matter how it gets.
If you need cash, this man easily forgets!
If you only need an ear, this man has two.
Perhaps the Lord just put us here for YOU?
And, perhaps, He gave us what you need.
If such be true, then nothing will impede
our getting you whatever it will take
that would, easier, your living, make.

We've known each other for too many years
to turn a blind eye to our trials and fears.
For God has put us here for one another.
Your husband--he has always been my brother!
And you have taken such good care of me
that you, having a lack, should never be!
If WE have things that you are in need of,
we help with just one motive: Godly love!

Yea, we're here for one another in this place.
Together--by providence of God's great grace!
Each of us have need of one another--
you are my sister and I am your brother!
Together--there is not a thing too great
that cannot be successful through His fate!
NEVER hesitate in speaking out.
For helping one another is what life is about!

Yes, whatever the need may be, we are here and willing to help if we are able.  If not, God will direct us to the place you can obtain it.  HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL!
Be available.  You never know what God has in store for you!


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