Thursday, January 13, 2022

Watching the Day Away

For the first time in a while, work is well staffed and I am able to take a day to enjoy everything at all...thanks to precious time and God's abundant generosity....

Atop a sprawling valley, I see
eagles soar below
while I'm here in devotion with
the only Lord to know.
A day away from everything
to relax and to 'exhale;'
so numerous, the 'issues' that
daily life would so avail!
But for THIS day I am allowed
to deal with them not!
A day away from 'every day,'
fortunately, I have got!
And He fills it with views of valleys,
vistas and the river!
The Greatest of all Fathers He,
(and the greatest Giver!)
God's given us this modest home
with views so vast and wide.
For whenever I should need 'escape'
I must only step outside!
His glory and His Majesty
are so intensified
as I behold the handiwork
across creation-wide!

Yes, home for the day from the office and all other tasks.  Taking advantage of every evidence of His handiwork...for such be countless, and NEWER EVERY DAY!
C'mon.  Take a break.  Relax with me and behold God with your very eyes!


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