Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The Waiting Room

Early in the morning.  Already, this early, I must 'wait!'  However, those who I wait to see are very worth it and I DO NOT wait in this place alone!

The view from here is stellar
before the storm moves in.
Rolling hills with barren trees--
a new day to begin.
Already is the day secured
and known to Only One!
What will it hold in store as I'm
in service to The Son?

I avail myself each morning 
for Him to freely use.
And He provides to me the most
spectacular of views!
Before the job...before the tasks...
before the day begins...
I am treated to such beauty
and a myriad of wins!
Just like the vision from this floor
of a waiting room!
I wait to see a few from church
upon which life did fume!
As they recover, we will pray
and God WILL intervene.
There's no way to predict just how
He'll enter on the scene;
but it will be His will alone,
He's proven this I know,
and, forward from this waiting place,
I know that I will go!

But for the moment, I enjoy
the panoramic view
as the sun would set aglow
each remaining hue!
And, at the same time, praises rise
to Him Who brings the day:
He is The Truth, He is The Life,
He is the Only Way!!

Waiting at this hospital to see some folks before I head to work.  No one has to know it, but I promise you that THEY will not forget it!  Such is our divine calling!


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