Monday, January 17, 2022

The Venables

Life goes on.  Life is full.  There are things that fill our days on purpose, and things that spring upon us without notice!  However busy the days become, sometimes 'life' prevents visits with the folks that matter most!

We miss you more than verses can relate!
The visits and the chats are ALWAYS great!
But greater is the fact we even met!
And treasure we, still, all the time we get!

So, even if I miss you on THIS trip,
future opportunities let's not skip!
I treasure so the years that we have had,
and, that I missed it THIS time, I feel bad!
For you have had such impact on my life.
For you were there regardless of the strife!
Not only with the words God told you to,
but with the greatest gift: YOU BEING YOU!!

Yes, we miss you, and I know YOU feel that way.
But we will meet again some other day!
God always makes a way for such to be;
but, until then, via 'media,' we will see!

Yes, valuable be the ones who come into your life and make such an impact.  NEVER take them for granted and try as hard as you can to keep in touch with them!
God bless you, Pastor & Cheryl.

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