Sunday, January 2, 2022

The Sights He Shows!

Now that God has me and my full attention, He shows me something that is sure to capture me so that I pause and pay attention to Him...

"I love You, Father--You Who
manufacture majesty!
Just like the tree and mountains that
I have surrounding me!
And the sweetness sometimes in the air
I catch with each new breath--
newness that I shall enjoy
until I taste of death!
But, even then, will newness be
no mortal has beheld,
as my Spirit, with Your very Own,
with eternity shall meld!
Loving You in sheer perfection
like has never been--
That Life and Place that You created
for The born-again.

I love You, Lord, as I enjoy
the colors of the trees
that dance so lightly in the vespers
in the gentle breeze
and frame the panorama of
the valley and beyond...
it be a view like nothing else
of which I've grown so fond!

God the Father, Lord and Spirit,
Creator God Most High--
the only manufacturer of
what seizes this man's eye!"

Once again, Loving God takes my mind ever so briefly off the day and 'distracts' me with one of His exclusive landscapes!  He knows what I need to see and when.  For His timing is impeccable, and He NEVER runs out of 'diversions!'


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