Sunday, January 23, 2022

The River Route

Day is done.  Workday, that is.  There is still quite a bit to do as I got off early.  There is a 3hr trip awaiting me.  However, the day is so glorious that I am awaiting the beautiful sights that are ahead...

'The houses seem to float upon the river,'

one notices while slowly driving on...
for the moment, cares and concerns of living,
and thoughts of labor, they are briefly gone.
The hills around the river be abundant
with sprawling fields and abundant trees.
While I am driving several hours westward,
I so become aware of all of these.

Too, I am so aware of His great Presence
everywhere I seem to set my eyes!
Even though my focus be this highway,
in every direction is a prize!
For birds and fish and animals so vary
but everywhere I look upon this route.
For every time I must make this appointment,
God sees to it that I am not without!

The lakes...the rivers...and the ponds, so living--
they fascinate me so upon the way!
God fills them with a myriad of creature
to pique our interest oh but every day!
NEVER is it boring or '...the same old...'
'cause He is newer each and every morn!
And He escorts whichever way we're going,
making sure all newness is reborn!

Three-hour drive for a 20-minute appointment.  I take a day off from work to be there, and Creator God makes sure that there is plenty of glorious views along the way!  He is so generous!

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