Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Benefits of Jesus!

Yes, the benefits of having Jesus in your heart.  Though such is not the motive, said benefits are without number!

In Christ alone--the power and
the glory to reside!
I worship Him in majesty
and cling fast to His side.
Even take Him deep inside--
oh, give to Him your heart!
Be born-again and Spirit-filled;
He NEVER will depart!

For Jesus came for such as we.
God saw from the beginning.
He knew that man would have a
tendency to keep on sinning!
In sacrifices of this world
so little could be done;|
so God, in His compassion, sent
to us His very Son!

In Christ alone salvation is,
prosperity, as well!
Responsibility have we,
the multitudes, to tell!
Revealing to them all His wonder:
Jesus Christ, our God!
Everything about Him we
acknowledge and applaud!

In Christ alone compassion is,
and love of greatest kind!
Mercy, grace and empathy
we also are to find!
Every 'good' thing to be found
we find in God's Own Son--
Jesus Christ--Son of God--
One and only One!

In Jesus Christ alone.  Such abundance of life is availed from Him!  Abundance that cannot be 'bought!'  It be availed in only Him, and He is more than willing to share it with even YOU!


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