Friday, January 14, 2022

That Special Time with Him!

Finally, that task is done!  Now, I have the privilege of spending precious time with Jesus!  It is certainly my prayer that YOU make time for Him, as well!

That special time has come again
as Jesus comes to me.
After I worship and adore Him
converse do we so free!
There's nothing we can't talk about,
He wants to hear it all.
He listens closely to my heart
and gives of His wherewithal.
But 'receiving' be not forefront as
we fellowship, we two.
Relationship--that special bond,
but daily we renew!
The intercourse that happens as
we, once again, converse--
it settles, answers and inspires
many a-flowing verse!

Yes, that special time of day--whenever
it be taking place,
is filled with love, hope, even humor
and amazing grace!
This man makes it a staple of
each day I be alive!
Sweet fellowship with Jesus Christ--
it makes this man to thrive!

Some make it the very first thing they do each day.  Others end their day with it.  This man makes it a point to spend that priceless time whenever he can, as He makes each day to be different!  However your day goes, neglect not that necessary time with Jesus!


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