Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Rice & Becky

But why?  Why would God give us friends just to have those friends move away?  DEAR FRIENDS!!  Hmm...  His ways are not our ways, so there MUST be a reason...

So very many years ago
we became acquainted.
And lo, through all these many years,
our accord, it is not tainted!
I know that I can dial the phone
and you'll be on the end;
for you've become the utmost of
the definition "friend!"

All the trials you've helped us through--
now you go through the same.
I am so very fortunate
we met in Jesus' Name!
That 'three-fold cord' that severs not
we've surely come to know!
When we need you...when you need us--
God tells the other so!
And here we are again, together,
though many hours away.
You're on my heart.  Therefore, the phone
puts 'distance' by the way!
We're here for you, whatever need,
whatever the desire...
and God is here, as well, to see 
we never lose that fire!

You have friends.  That's very good!!  KEEP THEM!  Stoke the flames of those relationships often, as they are such rare ones!  You HAD friends?  Maybe they are still there...just waiting for you to contact them!  Why don't you just give them a call?


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