Sunday, January 9, 2022

Overdue Tribute

There is a matter on my heart again this day and, after praying about it, Holy Spirit gives me the following words directed at a very special group of people...

A marble wall of ebony
as far as you can see;
as far as a 'memorial,'
as humble as can be.
But the names of those upon it
be the boldest yet!
Carved in stone...carved in hearts...
lest ever we forget!

So special and so brave, the ones
whose names be there upon.
They live yet deep inside of us,
though, physically, they're gone!
They went when no one else would go,
freedoms to defend;
and, due unselfish sacrifice,
the same have yet to end!

Oh thank you to the families
to which these words relate.
Your loved ones, they are HEROES and
we so appreciate
the sacrifices of you all,
in turbulent of days.
We pray that God would bless your lives
in oh so many ways!

And thank you to each serviceperson
that served 'over there.'
For you deserve our gratitude,
respect, kindness and care!
Please know that we yet pray for you,
your loss or sacrifice.
What you've done for America
is far beyond a price!

This tribute is to all Americans and allies who were involved in southeast Asia.  The way you were treated upon return was tragic.  The time it took to recognize you was even more tragic!  I saw it first-hand, as daddy worked with some of you at Camp Pendleton, and I served you PROUDLY at Safeway.
Thank you each again and may God abundantly bless each of you!


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