Monday, January 31, 2022

In a Land Beyond

Life is beautiful.  Life is busy.  Life is messy and, sometimes, life is painful.  However, there is a time and place where life is perfect...and it is getting closer and closer!

In a land where all is perfect
only One knows of,
life--it is eternal there
and governed by pure love!
No sickness or disease exists
there in that Perfect Place;
everything is glorious,
and guaranteed by grace!

Thoughts of such encouraging
here in the latter days!
So many growing tired of
this world and its ways!
But such will not be present there,
only 'good' and 'pure;'
the Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord
helping us endure!

Yes, in a Land so high above
that we cannot yet see,
'good' is ALWAYS happening
due grace to such as we!
O know He's coming anytime
to take away His Own!
Make sure your heart contains His home
and He calls you 'My Own!'

Ah, yes, thoughts of Heaven on high encourage us to press on in this old world.  And He blesses us with glimpses of glory along the way...IF we pay attention!
Press on, my friend.  That which He has waiting for us is surely worth it all!

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