Wednesday, January 5, 2022


So many folks I know around are seeking or trying to establish their 'identity.'  However, God Most High has already established such...we only must accept it!

"Who am I in Yourself, oh God?"

This must be settled so
if I am to prosper at all
and, any further, go!
BUT GOD, since You are newer
every moment, every day,
my SELF, it must be flexible
upon The Narrow Way!

Yet, I am solidified
in my belief of You!
But many times, throughout the day,
that takes on a different view!
YOU are the SAME, I am the same,
but situations vary;
therefore, into those situations,
Your Spirit must I carry!
For He tells one exactly how
to take what comes our way
and handle it in such a way
that Your glory is on display!
I can only do such, Lord, 
as I cling fast to You.
Therefore, the fulness of Your self
will clearly be in view!

"Who am I in Yourself?" I ask.
You say, "I'm everything!"
Thus, have I cause to share, to give,
to worship and to sing!
And, for YOUR glory, all alone,
that others may be drawn
and know the fulness of You, Lord,
before the time is gone!

Who are YOU in God?  Just ask Him!  He is more than willing to let you know, and to let you know what He has called you to do.  And, trust me, there is something for ALL of us!

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