Saturday, January 8, 2022

His 'Living Wheel'

While we go on with 'life' wherever we be, there is a whole 'nuther world taking place!  And, in That World, everything is perfect, beautiful and God waiting for us make our presence known there!

Above the necessary 'shuffle'
each of us must weather,
there are 'happenings' in a Place
so beautiful altogether!
The 'stuff' that we have going on
(which seems to never end,)
He takes the 'good' out of it all
and makes it rightly blend!
And, from that Place so beautiful
that we shall see one day,
He orders and He orchestrates
'The Straight and Narrow Way'
upon which folks can KNOW that they
are doing the right thing;
it is a 'compass' for the righteous
in what is called 'living!'

The necessary shuffle--it is
common to us all.
Victorious be them, however,
heeding to His Call!
He orders them aright and keeps them
on an even keel,
that they may be the very spokes
inside His 'Living Wheel!'
And they be them that light the world
when it is growing dark!
Avail yourself unto His use
that YOU may be 'that' spark!

Yea, the world is busy...and it shows no sign of slowing down.  You, my friend, have a place, a very important place, inside that world!  Verify with God what it is, and do it with all your heart!


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