Friday, January 7, 2022


From the top of this hill there is almost a 360-degree view!  There is no way to place a value on this sight, only to thank God for it and enjoy...

All angelic beings watch
as I survey the land
taking in so slowly that
created by His hand;
rolling hills that teem with life, 
lakes and streams the same, as well...
all beneath the winter sun
to ever-brightly swell!

In such, we do what we're appointed
by His sovereign will.
Doing good to anyone
but anywhere we will.
For 'good' can change a person's day
and set their very course;
and WE know that, of ALL the good,
God is The Very Source!
For He allots us time and
opportunity each day
to minister to someone else
somewhere along The Way.
And that which we would give someone,
but surely He'll replace;
and many His resources be,
due His abundant grace!

That is later on, however,
splendor is right now;
and I would sure extend the same
in any means somehow!
The splendor and the majesty
exuding from the land--
they are so very glorious
and made by His Own hand!

This necessary time.  It prepares me for the day...or repairs me from the same!  The glorious sight of His creation at any time of the day...with God Himself to join me!  A glorious part of ANY day!


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