Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Has it REALLY been that long?

How wonderful it is when success is realized!  ESPECIALLY IN A RELATIONSHIP!  You and I have been together for more than 40 years.  Oh, the wondrous memories....

Some memories belong to me
and not to any other.
For those are things so wonderful
we've done with one another!
Things which the heart--however old--
it never shall forget.
Such memories have grown and grown
since the day we met!

Over forty years of 
reminiscing can I do.
All of it contains a smile, a laugh
and, especially, YOU!
At some of it we smile now
but, at the time, it be,
in our young, naive eyes
a massive tragedy!
But most days brought a smile, a laugh
or a gentle tear
because, in God, the two of us
have learned to persevere.

Some memories belong to me,
(or say I 'Three of us!')
For Christ has been there through it all--
the fantasy and fuss--
and, with us, is He even yet
as leaves begin to turn.
I'd pick no other than yourself,
life's lessons for to learn!
For your love--it has been a
stabilizing force to me;
and, without the wisdom you possess,
my love, where would we be?!

So wonderful is it when a man and woman get together with GOD in the middle!  With such accord as this, it is always surprising how much can be accomplished!


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