Monday, January 3, 2022

Gratitude where it belongs!

What incredible times we are in.  The Bible calls it "The Last Days."  Even all those centuries ago, The Writer told us about '...sickness and disease...' running rampant.  Who could've imagined it would hit with all the medical knowledge we have accrued?!

Hospitals are overrun
with every kind of plague...
some of which our knowledge of
remains so very vague...
apprehension even rises
going there at all;
there is a group, however, that
are there--whatever call!

The workers of the industry
that oversees our health.
Them that show up for each shift,
for they are of great wealth!
Blessings are they in this life,
tools in God's Own hand,
doing all that they can do
when none can understand!
For they show up when others won't,
they face what we would not!
The nurses, techs, doctors, clerks,
the staff that they have got;
THEY are the heroes of the day!
See to it that they know
just how much we appreciate them,
what they do and where they go!

They put their own health on the line
to take care of our needs.
For such as this, in prayer, this servant
boldly intercedes!
"Protect them, Lord.  Oh, bless their lives,
the workings of their hands.
For in the face of tragedy
each one so bravely stands!"

Yes, thank you to all the doctors...nurses...techs...all who work in the medical field in this very trying time!  You are appreciated.  You are valuable.  You are prayed for by this man and many others!  Stay strong.  God is using you, and you are NOT "taken for granted!"


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