Monday, January 17, 2022

Glorious 'Belonging!'

God's great glory.  It is present ever-constantly to them that would take heed.  It is in, about, around and through all living, and it is priceless to them that recognize Him...

So present is the glory
amidst the living land!
The blooms are reaching, catching all
the sunlight from His hand!
The mountains in the distance
are at attention proud,
cushioning the intermittent
passing ivory cloud!

And present be The Glory
as I talk with the Lord.
He meets me here to talk about
this life--we've such accord!
The triumphs and the trials
that EVERY day contains,
as those upon the wing recite
their glorious refrains!

I vocalize--He listens;
He speaks and I attend;
the glorious rapport we have
I know shall never end!
I ask--He has the answers,
(usually beyond my thought;)
oh so great that such relationship
the Lord and I have got!
And, all the while we visit,
continues that sweet song.
So blessed and very fortunate
are ALL that so belong!

Yes, so wonderful is it to 'belong!'  It is an offer freely extended to all.  Blessed be the ones who take advantage of His offer!  It is free to all.  Don't take it for granted!


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