Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Get Ready, My Friend!

At the end of a day that is filled with life, I cannot help but reflect upon The Promise that God made to all believers...

Where time, it is no longer,
I long, so long to be!
For there, no limitations,
no responsibility.
Gone be the necessities
for which we daily try;
present there be Jesus and
all things that satisfy!

Where time cannot constrain us,
so much can we get done,
in that Perfect Heaven, working
only for The Son!
Praise and adoration to
become the highest tasks;
no 'dropping this to get that done'
because somebody asks!

O see it with me: no more deadlines,
meetings or the sort;
no 'schedules' as we've come to know;
each other to exhort!
And JESUS to be glorified,
loved and listened to.
Yea, see it and get used to it--
such time is overdue!!

Where time, it is no longer--HEAVEN!  It is promised to all of them with Jesus alive inside of them, and God promises us that it is closer than we can imagine!  Are YOU ready?


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