Saturday, January 29, 2022


Fairness.  It's not something that this world is accustomed to!  You have worked for years and what do you have to show for it?  A bad back, a disease that few have heard of, and constant pain!
Trust me, honey, if I could change all that I would!  But may these words from the heart speak to you about just how priceless you are...

I do not buy you flowers
as often as I should.
To do all I do WITHOUT YOU,
there is no way I could!!
And 'rhyming words,' they equal not
a true 'apology;'
and yet, for more than 40 years,
you stand firm next to me!

Not many people know you, hon,
and yet THEY benefit.
You make sure I'm where I should be
with clothes so clean that fit!
I get all the glory while
you work behind the scene;
you take care of the things that may
require me be 'mean!'
You are loved and appreciated
by more than you know!
God fashioned you with His own hand,
into my heart, to go!

at such I often fail.
But I LOVE YOU!  I want you and
I know we're often frail.
So, press on with me, sweet lady,
with Jesus at the helm.
Though 'misfortune' plagues, at times,
the world is yet our realm!
And, though none of us remain
as spry as we once be,
I know that we shall still arrive
with you right next to me!

If I haven't said "I love you" enough, please know I do and always will.  If I have not said "I'm sorry" at times, please know that I would NEVER do anything to hurt you on purpose!  And though the world may recognize me all the time, please know that you have greater recognition awaiting due your generosity and humility!
I love you,

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