Monday, January 24, 2022


Have we grown so accustomed to 'convenience' that we discard the simplest things in life?  We have new folks that just moved in down the way.  In front of their home are two 40-foot-tall BEAUTIFUL trees.  I got home this afternoon to see those two trees in 'convenient' little pieces!  Upon questioning what happened, they told me that "...they did not want to have to worry about raking leaves this fall!"

How many centuries have those
blessed sentinels stood guard,
housed birds and squirrels and made
the summer sun less hard?
The lifetimes of blest memories
destroyed in just two hours!!
But they own that land now.  Saving trees
is not within my powers.

I'll treasure every moment of life
with the trees upon MY land!
And, to the birds and squirrels, I
will gladly lend a hand!
Their songs and antics entertain
without them even knowing!
Thus, will I do all I can
to keep them trees a-growing!

'For only God can make a tree...'
said one wiser than this man.
And they are far more valuable
than someone's 'convenient' plan!
I pray that God would replace those trees
and put them where they're treasured!
The blessings that THIS MAN gets from them--
the same cannot be measured!

Okay.  Call me 'tree-hugger!'  I can handle it.  I guess it's because we moved here from a place where entire forests were being leveled just to put in a highway or a tract of houses.  'Leaves' may be an inconvenience to some, but I will happily sweep up after those trees when they shed their glorious cloaks!

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