Saturday, January 15, 2022


The day has had its way with us.  God knows.  And He provides 'things' when we are done that are availed nowhere else: His Mighty Hand!

The gentle breeze composes music
with the limbs and chimes...
the willing pen composes poetry
in verses and rhymes...
so necessary be this time
with Jesus every day--
He's faithful to fill in each line
as He has His way!

The music of the afternoon
to them that know His Name!
It is too very beautiful
for any man to claim!
It is availed but everywhere
to anyone at all--
only make the time for Him
and listen to His call!
On THIS day, though, it mixes with
the flurries in the air.
Though chilling, it is still a sound
with which naught may compare!

Music--oh so valuable,
so priceless yet so free,
emanating from all life
in perfect harmony!
Savor it, my friend, enjoy it
every time you can!
Such simple pleasures--they are part
of God the Father's plan!                             

Yes, get done what you must get done.  Some of it may not be enjoyable, BUT GOD will see to it that you are recompensed after it is finished.  We may not understand it at the time, but He always does.  He is faithful, and He loves you!


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