Sunday, January 2, 2022

A Great Price!

Here we find ourselves--two years removed from the discovery of a virus.  Are we any better?  Are we any closer to a return to 'normal?'  (Whatever that means!)  This I know: if we don't listen to our bodies and 'rest' the way that God told us to, there is a price to pay...

That which we were going through

just several years ago...
that which we knew not about,
yet onward did we go...
it yet persists, but two years from then--
is life any better?
This pandemic, if nothing more,
has been an 'attention getter!'

Diseases come along that we
have not heard of before.
Even vaccines are created
to prevent the soar!
Yet, every time a treatment comes
the virus morphs again.
So easy is it to give up
and say "We'll never win..."
BUT GOD!  But God is well aware,
His sight goes all around--
He sees back then, He sees right now,
and the morrow, it is sound!
For life WILL happen, and in ways
we may desire not;
but hold fast to the settled truth:
our every breath He's got!

All sickness and disease-
He has conquered all of these!
It may not yet manifest,
but, with HIS Blood, we are blessed!
"This, too, shall pass..." says He,
so do what needs to be.
Step back, relax and rest.
For God knows what is best!

To stop, relax and rest is quite a challenge for some, but it must be done!  Sure, you can get some things done, but you will never get done as much as you could if you were completely whole!  Listen to your body...listen to the Lord...and WE WILL OVERCOME!

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