Saturday, January 1, 2022

A brand new year?

January 1.  A brand new year.  Turn the page.  So many things new and different, but LIFE doesn't care what the calendar says.  Life goes on, and it be up to us to press on with it...regardless what it contains...

Trials--there be no one that's immune.
They are used to prosper and to prune.
We're on vacation, en route to those we love;
half-way there, front brakes we have none of!!
This man is caused to grumble and to growl.
BUT KIDS ARE WAITING!  We can't 'throw in the towel!'
We must do all that we can, HE'LL do the rest!
Thus we can rest in Him--we are so blessed!

At the worst of times events occur.
But, unto God, NOTHING is a blur!
He is The God of Clarity, this I know.
There is purpose in each thing through which we go.
For I may not see it through your eyes,
but this one thing I've come to realize:
regardless of how crazy life may get,
God Most High retains all order yet!

Yea, trials, they be constant for each one;
but, for God's Own, His sovereign will be done!
Regardless of the trials that you face,
o do your best to handle them with grace!

I hear so many folks who have gone through rough times say "Maybe next year will be better..."  What if it's not?  Wherein lies hope?  If your hope is not in Jesus Christ alone, there's no telling how your year, your life, your every day will turn out.  TRUST IN JESUS!!  He's not going to take away all of this life's problems, He IS going to provide an Anchor for your life so you do not drift away in the fray!

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