Monday, January 31, 2022

In a Land Beyond

Life is beautiful.  Life is busy.  Life is messy and, sometimes, life is painful.  However, there is a time and place where life is perfect...and it is getting closer and closer!

In a land where all is perfect
only One knows of,
life--it is eternal there
and governed by pure love!
No sickness or disease exists
there in that Perfect Place;
everything is glorious,
and guaranteed by grace!

Thoughts of such encouraging
here in the latter days!
So many growing tired of
this world and its ways!
But such will not be present there,
only 'good' and 'pure;'
the Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord
helping us endure!

Yes, in a Land so high above
that we cannot yet see,
'good' is ALWAYS happening
due grace to such as we!
O know He's coming anytime
to take away His Own!
Make sure your heart contains His home
and He calls you 'My Own!'

Ah, yes, thoughts of Heaven on high encourage us to press on in this old world.  And He blesses us with glimpses of glory along the way...IF we pay attention!
Press on, my friend.  That which He has waiting for us is surely worth it all!

Saturday, January 29, 2022


Fairness.  It's not something that this world is accustomed to!  You have worked for years and what do you have to show for it?  A bad back, a disease that few have heard of, and constant pain!
Trust me, honey, if I could change all that I would!  But may these words from the heart speak to you about just how priceless you are...

I do not buy you flowers
as often as I should.
To do all I do WITHOUT YOU,
there is no way I could!!
And 'rhyming words,' they equal not
a true 'apology;'
and yet, for more than 40 years,
you stand firm next to me!

Not many people know you, hon,
and yet THEY benefit.
You make sure I'm where I should be
with clothes so clean that fit!
I get all the glory while
you work behind the scene;
you take care of the things that may
require me be 'mean!'
You are loved and appreciated
by more than you know!
God fashioned you with His own hand,
into my heart, to go!

at such I often fail.
But I LOVE YOU!  I want you and
I know we're often frail.
So, press on with me, sweet lady,
with Jesus at the helm.
Though 'misfortune' plagues, at times,
the world is yet our realm!
And, though none of us remain
as spry as we once be,
I know that we shall still arrive
with you right next to me!

If I haven't said "I love you" enough, please know I do and always will.  If I have not said "I'm sorry" at times, please know that I would NEVER do anything to hurt you on purpose!  And though the world may recognize me all the time, please know that you have greater recognition awaiting due your generosity and humility!
I love you,

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Looking Back

The body of this poem was written over six weeks ago.  I just found it in my notes and thought God could use it to bring hope to others being affected by this disease. --Jim

"An inconvenient Christmas" it has been called.  As Debby & I sit and reflect upon the past few months, we marvel at the grace of God, the generosity of strangers, and the miracles that never seem to end!

Christmastide is in full swing!
Plans have all been made.
Packages beneath the tree,
(almost fully-paid!)
Our son and his great family
here to enjoy it all;
festivities are happening,
and then...we get a call!
It is our daughter.  She has tested
positive this time!
For such to happen only now,
it almost seems a crime!
The pain inside her voice reveals
that she is all but 'well!'
We've planned this for very long,
now it seems shot to hell!
Our son and daughter and the grandkids
finally get to town.
The first thing that he does is test
himself as he sits down.

Our daughter calls.  She is in tears
about what she has caught.
She cannot make it into town,
and she is quite distraught!
A time that is supposed to be
'together' with love and gifts;
so very little can she find
that encourages and uplifts!
We talk with her, then we enjoy
our son and family;
yet, all the while, upon our hearts
is Vicki where she be!

As the evening ends, we rush
and obtain the tests that show
that, in our bodies, so resides
THAT virus we all know!

Looking back upon it all, we thought that COVID would be gone by now.  Rather, it seems to regenerate itself into variants.  So what do we do?  Stop living?  NO!  We lean further into Him Who gives us life in the first place!!  For it is God alone that sees the end from the beginning, and it is ONLY Him that will get us through this!


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Rice & Becky

But why?  Why would God give us friends just to have those friends move away?  DEAR FRIENDS!!  Hmm...  His ways are not our ways, so there MUST be a reason...

So very many years ago
we became acquainted.
And lo, through all these many years,
our accord, it is not tainted!
I know that I can dial the phone
and you'll be on the end;
for you've become the utmost of
the definition "friend!"

All the trials you've helped us through--
now you go through the same.
I am so very fortunate
we met in Jesus' Name!
That 'three-fold cord' that severs not
we've surely come to know!
When we need you...when you need us--
God tells the other so!
And here we are again, together,
though many hours away.
You're on my heart.  Therefore, the phone
puts 'distance' by the way!
We're here for you, whatever need,
whatever the desire...
and God is here, as well, to see 
we never lose that fire!

You have friends.  That's very good!!  KEEP THEM!  Stoke the flames of those relationships often, as they are such rare ones!  You HAD friends?  Maybe they are still there...just waiting for you to contact them!  Why don't you just give them a call?


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Has it REALLY been that long?

How wonderful it is when success is realized!  ESPECIALLY IN A RELATIONSHIP!  You and I have been together for more than 40 years.  Oh, the wondrous memories....

Some memories belong to me
and not to any other.
For those are things so wonderful
we've done with one another!
Things which the heart--however old--
it never shall forget.
Such memories have grown and grown
since the day we met!

Over forty years of 
reminiscing can I do.
All of it contains a smile, a laugh
and, especially, YOU!
At some of it we smile now
but, at the time, it be,
in our young, naive eyes
a massive tragedy!
But most days brought a smile, a laugh
or a gentle tear
because, in God, the two of us
have learned to persevere.

Some memories belong to me,
(or say I 'Three of us!')
For Christ has been there through it all--
the fantasy and fuss--
and, with us, is He even yet
as leaves begin to turn.
I'd pick no other than yourself,
life's lessons for to learn!
For your love--it has been a
stabilizing force to me;
and, without the wisdom you possess,
my love, where would we be?!

So wonderful is it when a man and woman get together with GOD in the middle!  With such accord as this, it is always surprising how much can be accomplished!


Monday, January 24, 2022


Have we grown so accustomed to 'convenience' that we discard the simplest things in life?  We have new folks that just moved in down the way.  In front of their home are two 40-foot-tall BEAUTIFUL trees.  I got home this afternoon to see those two trees in 'convenient' little pieces!  Upon questioning what happened, they told me that "...they did not want to have to worry about raking leaves this fall!"

How many centuries have those
blessed sentinels stood guard,
housed birds and squirrels and made
the summer sun less hard?
The lifetimes of blest memories
destroyed in just two hours!!
But they own that land now.  Saving trees
is not within my powers.

I'll treasure every moment of life
with the trees upon MY land!
And, to the birds and squirrels, I
will gladly lend a hand!
Their songs and antics entertain
without them even knowing!
Thus, will I do all I can
to keep them trees a-growing!

'For only God can make a tree...'
said one wiser than this man.
And they are far more valuable
than someone's 'convenient' plan!
I pray that God would replace those trees
and put them where they're treasured!
The blessings that THIS MAN gets from them--
the same cannot be measured!

Okay.  Call me 'tree-hugger!'  I can handle it.  I guess it's because we moved here from a place where entire forests were being leveled just to put in a highway or a tract of houses.  'Leaves' may be an inconvenience to some, but I will happily sweep up after those trees when they shed their glorious cloaks!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The River Route

Day is done.  Workday, that is.  There is still quite a bit to do as I got off early.  There is a 3hr trip awaiting me.  However, the day is so glorious that I am awaiting the beautiful sights that are ahead...

'The houses seem to float upon the river,'

one notices while slowly driving on...
for the moment, cares and concerns of living,
and thoughts of labor, they are briefly gone.
The hills around the river be abundant
with sprawling fields and abundant trees.
While I am driving several hours westward,
I so become aware of all of these.

Too, I am so aware of His great Presence
everywhere I seem to set my eyes!
Even though my focus be this highway,
in every direction is a prize!
For birds and fish and animals so vary
but everywhere I look upon this route.
For every time I must make this appointment,
God sees to it that I am not without!

The lakes...the rivers...and the ponds, so living--
they fascinate me so upon the way!
God fills them with a myriad of creature
to pique our interest oh but every day!
NEVER is it boring or '...the same old...'
'cause He is newer each and every morn!
And He escorts whichever way we're going,
making sure all newness is reborn!

Three-hour drive for a 20-minute appointment.  I take a day off from work to be there, and Creator God makes sure that there is plenty of glorious views along the way!  He is so generous!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

We Can Help!

All of us have folks around us that are in need.  Those in need MIGHT be too proud to admit it or ask for it, but if you be the friend that God intends, He will certainly use you!

We are here for you no matter how it gets.
If you need cash, this man easily forgets!
If you only need an ear, this man has two.
Perhaps the Lord just put us here for YOU?
And, perhaps, He gave us what you need.
If such be true, then nothing will impede
our getting you whatever it will take
that would, easier, your living, make.

We've known each other for too many years
to turn a blind eye to our trials and fears.
For God has put us here for one another.
Your husband--he has always been my brother!
And you have taken such good care of me
that you, having a lack, should never be!
If WE have things that you are in need of,
we help with just one motive: Godly love!

Yea, we're here for one another in this place.
Together--by providence of God's great grace!
Each of us have need of one another--
you are my sister and I am your brother!
Together--there is not a thing too great
that cannot be successful through His fate!
NEVER hesitate in speaking out.
For helping one another is what life is about!

Yes, whatever the need may be, we are here and willing to help if we are able.  If not, God will direct us to the place you can obtain it.  HE IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL!
Be available.  You never know what God has in store for you!


Monday, January 17, 2022

The Venables

Life goes on.  Life is full.  There are things that fill our days on purpose, and things that spring upon us without notice!  However busy the days become, sometimes 'life' prevents visits with the folks that matter most!

We miss you more than verses can relate!
The visits and the chats are ALWAYS great!
But greater is the fact we even met!
And treasure we, still, all the time we get!

So, even if I miss you on THIS trip,
future opportunities let's not skip!
I treasure so the years that we have had,
and, that I missed it THIS time, I feel bad!
For you have had such impact on my life.
For you were there regardless of the strife!
Not only with the words God told you to,
but with the greatest gift: YOU BEING YOU!!

Yes, we miss you, and I know YOU feel that way.
But we will meet again some other day!
God always makes a way for such to be;
but, until then, via 'media,' we will see!

Yes, valuable be the ones who come into your life and make such an impact.  NEVER take them for granted and try as hard as you can to keep in touch with them!
God bless you, Pastor & Cheryl.

Glorious 'Belonging!'

God's great glory.  It is present ever-constantly to them that would take heed.  It is in, about, around and through all living, and it is priceless to them that recognize Him...

So present is the glory
amidst the living land!
The blooms are reaching, catching all
the sunlight from His hand!
The mountains in the distance
are at attention proud,
cushioning the intermittent
passing ivory cloud!

And present be The Glory
as I talk with the Lord.
He meets me here to talk about
this life--we've such accord!
The triumphs and the trials
that EVERY day contains,
as those upon the wing recite
their glorious refrains!

I vocalize--He listens;
He speaks and I attend;
the glorious rapport we have
I know shall never end!
I ask--He has the answers,
(usually beyond my thought;)
oh so great that such relationship
the Lord and I have got!
And, all the while we visit,
continues that sweet song.
So blessed and very fortunate
are ALL that so belong!

Yes, so wonderful is it to 'belong!'  It is an offer freely extended to all.  Blessed be the ones who take advantage of His offer!  It is free to all.  Don't take it for granted!


Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Benefits of Jesus!

Yes, the benefits of having Jesus in your heart.  Though such is not the motive, said benefits are without number!

In Christ alone--the power and
the glory to reside!
I worship Him in majesty
and cling fast to His side.
Even take Him deep inside--
oh, give to Him your heart!
Be born-again and Spirit-filled;
He NEVER will depart!

For Jesus came for such as we.
God saw from the beginning.
He knew that man would have a
tendency to keep on sinning!
In sacrifices of this world
so little could be done;|
so God, in His compassion, sent
to us His very Son!

In Christ alone salvation is,
prosperity, as well!
Responsibility have we,
the multitudes, to tell!
Revealing to them all His wonder:
Jesus Christ, our God!
Everything about Him we
acknowledge and applaud!

In Christ alone compassion is,
and love of greatest kind!
Mercy, grace and empathy
we also are to find!
Every 'good' thing to be found
we find in God's Own Son--
Jesus Christ--Son of God--
One and only One!

In Jesus Christ alone.  Such abundance of life is availed from Him!  Abundance that cannot be 'bought!'  It be availed in only Him, and He is more than willing to share it with even YOU!


Saturday, January 15, 2022


The day has had its way with us.  God knows.  And He provides 'things' when we are done that are availed nowhere else: His Mighty Hand!

The gentle breeze composes music
with the limbs and chimes...
the willing pen composes poetry
in verses and rhymes...
so necessary be this time
with Jesus every day--
He's faithful to fill in each line
as He has His way!

The music of the afternoon
to them that know His Name!
It is too very beautiful
for any man to claim!
It is availed but everywhere
to anyone at all--
only make the time for Him
and listen to His call!
On THIS day, though, it mixes with
the flurries in the air.
Though chilling, it is still a sound
with which naught may compare!

Music--oh so valuable,
so priceless yet so free,
emanating from all life
in perfect harmony!
Savor it, my friend, enjoy it
every time you can!
Such simple pleasures--they are part
of God the Father's plan!                             

Yes, get done what you must get done.  Some of it may not be enjoyable, BUT GOD will see to it that you are recompensed after it is finished.  We may not understand it at the time, but He always does.  He is faithful, and He loves you!


Friday, January 14, 2022

That Special Time with Him!

Finally, that task is done!  Now, I have the privilege of spending precious time with Jesus!  It is certainly my prayer that YOU make time for Him, as well!

That special time has come again
as Jesus comes to me.
After I worship and adore Him
converse do we so free!
There's nothing we can't talk about,
He wants to hear it all.
He listens closely to my heart
and gives of His wherewithal.
But 'receiving' be not forefront as
we fellowship, we two.
Relationship--that special bond,
but daily we renew!
The intercourse that happens as
we, once again, converse--
it settles, answers and inspires
many a-flowing verse!

Yes, that special time of day--whenever
it be taking place,
is filled with love, hope, even humor
and amazing grace!
This man makes it a staple of
each day I be alive!
Sweet fellowship with Jesus Christ--
it makes this man to thrive!

Some make it the very first thing they do each day.  Others end their day with it.  This man makes it a point to spend that priceless time whenever he can, as He makes each day to be different!  However your day goes, neglect not that necessary time with Jesus!


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Watching the Day Away

For the first time in a while, work is well staffed and I am able to take a day to enjoy everything at all...thanks to precious time and God's abundant generosity....

Atop a sprawling valley, I see
eagles soar below
while I'm here in devotion with
the only Lord to know.
A day away from everything
to relax and to 'exhale;'
so numerous, the 'issues' that
daily life would so avail!
But for THIS day I am allowed
to deal with them not!
A day away from 'every day,'
fortunately, I have got!
And He fills it with views of valleys,
vistas and the river!
The Greatest of all Fathers He,
(and the greatest Giver!)
God's given us this modest home
with views so vast and wide.
For whenever I should need 'escape'
I must only step outside!
His glory and His Majesty
are so intensified
as I behold the handiwork
across creation-wide!

Yes, home for the day from the office and all other tasks.  Taking advantage of every evidence of His handiwork...for such be countless, and NEWER EVERY DAY!
C'mon.  Take a break.  Relax with me and behold God with your very eyes!


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Get Ready, My Friend!

At the end of a day that is filled with life, I cannot help but reflect upon The Promise that God made to all believers...

Where time, it is no longer,
I long, so long to be!
For there, no limitations,
no responsibility.
Gone be the necessities
for which we daily try;
present there be Jesus and
all things that satisfy!

Where time cannot constrain us,
so much can we get done,
in that Perfect Heaven, working
only for The Son!
Praise and adoration to
become the highest tasks;
no 'dropping this to get that done'
because somebody asks!

O see it with me: no more deadlines,
meetings or the sort;
no 'schedules' as we've come to know;
each other to exhort!
And JESUS to be glorified,
loved and listened to.
Yea, see it and get used to it--
such time is overdue!!

Where time, it is no longer--HEAVEN!  It is promised to all of them with Jesus alive inside of them, and God promises us that it is closer than we can imagine!  Are YOU ready?


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Overdue Tribute

There is a matter on my heart again this day and, after praying about it, Holy Spirit gives me the following words directed at a very special group of people...

A marble wall of ebony
as far as you can see;
as far as a 'memorial,'
as humble as can be.
But the names of those upon it
be the boldest yet!
Carved in stone...carved in hearts...
lest ever we forget!

So special and so brave, the ones
whose names be there upon.
They live yet deep inside of us,
though, physically, they're gone!
They went when no one else would go,
freedoms to defend;
and, due unselfish sacrifice,
the same have yet to end!

Oh thank you to the families
to which these words relate.
Your loved ones, they are HEROES and
we so appreciate
the sacrifices of you all,
in turbulent of days.
We pray that God would bless your lives
in oh so many ways!

And thank you to each serviceperson
that served 'over there.'
For you deserve our gratitude,
respect, kindness and care!
Please know that we yet pray for you,
your loss or sacrifice.
What you've done for America
is far beyond a price!

This tribute is to all Americans and allies who were involved in southeast Asia.  The way you were treated upon return was tragic.  The time it took to recognize you was even more tragic!  I saw it first-hand, as daddy worked with some of you at Camp Pendleton, and I served you PROUDLY at Safeway.
Thank you each again and may God abundantly bless each of you!


Saturday, January 8, 2022

His 'Living Wheel'

While we go on with 'life' wherever we be, there is a whole 'nuther world taking place!  And, in That World, everything is perfect, beautiful and God waiting for us make our presence known there!

Above the necessary 'shuffle'
each of us must weather,
there are 'happenings' in a Place
so beautiful altogether!
The 'stuff' that we have going on
(which seems to never end,)
He takes the 'good' out of it all
and makes it rightly blend!
And, from that Place so beautiful
that we shall see one day,
He orders and He orchestrates
'The Straight and Narrow Way'
upon which folks can KNOW that they
are doing the right thing;
it is a 'compass' for the righteous
in what is called 'living!'

The necessary shuffle--it is
common to us all.
Victorious be them, however,
heeding to His Call!
He orders them aright and keeps them
on an even keel,
that they may be the very spokes
inside His 'Living Wheel!'
And they be them that light the world
when it is growing dark!
Avail yourself unto His use
that YOU may be 'that' spark!

Yea, the world is busy...and it shows no sign of slowing down.  You, my friend, have a place, a very important place, inside that world!  Verify with God what it is, and do it with all your heart!


Friday, January 7, 2022


From the top of this hill there is almost a 360-degree view!  There is no way to place a value on this sight, only to thank God for it and enjoy...

All angelic beings watch
as I survey the land
taking in so slowly that
created by His hand;
rolling hills that teem with life, 
lakes and streams the same, as well...
all beneath the winter sun
to ever-brightly swell!

In such, we do what we're appointed
by His sovereign will.
Doing good to anyone
but anywhere we will.
For 'good' can change a person's day
and set their very course;
and WE know that, of ALL the good,
God is The Very Source!
For He allots us time and
opportunity each day
to minister to someone else
somewhere along The Way.
And that which we would give someone,
but surely He'll replace;
and many His resources be,
due His abundant grace!

That is later on, however,
splendor is right now;
and I would sure extend the same
in any means somehow!
The splendor and the majesty
exuding from the land--
they are so very glorious
and made by His Own hand!

This necessary time.  It prepares me for the day...or repairs me from the same!  The glorious sight of His creation at any time of the day...with God Himself to join me!  A glorious part of ANY day!


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The Waiting Room

Early in the morning.  Already, this early, I must 'wait!'  However, those who I wait to see are very worth it and I DO NOT wait in this place alone!

The view from here is stellar
before the storm moves in.
Rolling hills with barren trees--
a new day to begin.
Already is the day secured
and known to Only One!
What will it hold in store as I'm
in service to The Son?

I avail myself each morning 
for Him to freely use.
And He provides to me the most
spectacular of views!
Before the job...before the tasks...
before the day begins...
I am treated to such beauty
and a myriad of wins!
Just like the vision from this floor
of a waiting room!
I wait to see a few from church
upon which life did fume!
As they recover, we will pray
and God WILL intervene.
There's no way to predict just how
He'll enter on the scene;
but it will be His will alone,
He's proven this I know,
and, forward from this waiting place,
I know that I will go!

But for the moment, I enjoy
the panoramic view
as the sun would set aglow
each remaining hue!
And, at the same time, praises rise
to Him Who brings the day:
He is The Truth, He is The Life,
He is the Only Way!!

Waiting at this hospital to see some folks before I head to work.  No one has to know it, but I promise you that THEY will not forget it!  Such is our divine calling!



So many folks I know around are seeking or trying to establish their 'identity.'  However, God Most High has already established such...we only must accept it!

"Who am I in Yourself, oh God?"

This must be settled so
if I am to prosper at all
and, any further, go!
BUT GOD, since You are newer
every moment, every day,
my SELF, it must be flexible
upon The Narrow Way!

Yet, I am solidified
in my belief of You!
But many times, throughout the day,
that takes on a different view!
YOU are the SAME, I am the same,
but situations vary;
therefore, into those situations,
Your Spirit must I carry!
For He tells one exactly how
to take what comes our way
and handle it in such a way
that Your glory is on display!
I can only do such, Lord, 
as I cling fast to You.
Therefore, the fulness of Your self
will clearly be in view!

"Who am I in Yourself?" I ask.
You say, "I'm everything!"
Thus, have I cause to share, to give,
to worship and to sing!
And, for YOUR glory, all alone,
that others may be drawn
and know the fulness of You, Lord,
before the time is gone!

Who are YOU in God?  Just ask Him!  He is more than willing to let you know, and to let you know what He has called you to do.  And, trust me, there is something for ALL of us!

Monday, January 3, 2022

Gratitude where it belongs!

What incredible times we are in.  The Bible calls it "The Last Days."  Even all those centuries ago, The Writer told us about '...sickness and disease...' running rampant.  Who could've imagined it would hit with all the medical knowledge we have accrued?!

Hospitals are overrun
with every kind of plague...
some of which our knowledge of
remains so very vague...
apprehension even rises
going there at all;
there is a group, however, that
are there--whatever call!

The workers of the industry
that oversees our health.
Them that show up for each shift,
for they are of great wealth!
Blessings are they in this life,
tools in God's Own hand,
doing all that they can do
when none can understand!
For they show up when others won't,
they face what we would not!
The nurses, techs, doctors, clerks,
the staff that they have got;
THEY are the heroes of the day!
See to it that they know
just how much we appreciate them,
what they do and where they go!

They put their own health on the line
to take care of our needs.
For such as this, in prayer, this servant
boldly intercedes!
"Protect them, Lord.  Oh, bless their lives,
the workings of their hands.
For in the face of tragedy
each one so bravely stands!"

Yes, thank you to all the doctors...nurses...techs...all who work in the medical field in this very trying time!  You are appreciated.  You are valuable.  You are prayed for by this man and many others!  Stay strong.  God is using you, and you are NOT "taken for granted!"


Sunday, January 2, 2022

The Sights He Shows!

Now that God has me and my full attention, He shows me something that is sure to capture me so that I pause and pay attention to Him...

"I love You, Father--You Who
manufacture majesty!
Just like the tree and mountains that
I have surrounding me!
And the sweetness sometimes in the air
I catch with each new breath--
newness that I shall enjoy
until I taste of death!
But, even then, will newness be
no mortal has beheld,
as my Spirit, with Your very Own,
with eternity shall meld!
Loving You in sheer perfection
like has never been--
That Life and Place that You created
for The born-again.

I love You, Lord, as I enjoy
the colors of the trees
that dance so lightly in the vespers
in the gentle breeze
and frame the panorama of
the valley and beyond...
it be a view like nothing else
of which I've grown so fond!

God the Father, Lord and Spirit,
Creator God Most High--
the only manufacturer of
what seizes this man's eye!"

Once again, Loving God takes my mind ever so briefly off the day and 'distracts' me with one of His exclusive landscapes!  He knows what I need to see and when.  For His timing is impeccable, and He NEVER runs out of 'diversions!'


A Great Price!

Here we find ourselves--two years removed from the discovery of a virus.  Are we any better?  Are we any closer to a return to 'normal?'  (Whatever that means!)  This I know: if we don't listen to our bodies and 'rest' the way that God told us to, there is a price to pay...

That which we were going through

just several years ago...
that which we knew not about,
yet onward did we go...
it yet persists, but two years from then--
is life any better?
This pandemic, if nothing more,
has been an 'attention getter!'

Diseases come along that we
have not heard of before.
Even vaccines are created
to prevent the soar!
Yet, every time a treatment comes
the virus morphs again.
So easy is it to give up
and say "We'll never win..."
BUT GOD!  But God is well aware,
His sight goes all around--
He sees back then, He sees right now,
and the morrow, it is sound!
For life WILL happen, and in ways
we may desire not;
but hold fast to the settled truth:
our every breath He's got!

All sickness and disease-
He has conquered all of these!
It may not yet manifest,
but, with HIS Blood, we are blessed!
"This, too, shall pass..." says He,
so do what needs to be.
Step back, relax and rest.
For God knows what is best!

To stop, relax and rest is quite a challenge for some, but it must be done!  Sure, you can get some things done, but you will never get done as much as you could if you were completely whole!  Listen to your body...listen to the Lord...and WE WILL OVERCOME!

Saturday, January 1, 2022

A brand new year?

January 1.  A brand new year.  Turn the page.  So many things new and different, but LIFE doesn't care what the calendar says.  Life goes on, and it be up to us to press on with it...regardless what it contains...

Trials--there be no one that's immune.
They are used to prosper and to prune.
We're on vacation, en route to those we love;
half-way there, front brakes we have none of!!
This man is caused to grumble and to growl.
BUT KIDS ARE WAITING!  We can't 'throw in the towel!'
We must do all that we can, HE'LL do the rest!
Thus we can rest in Him--we are so blessed!

At the worst of times events occur.
But, unto God, NOTHING is a blur!
He is The God of Clarity, this I know.
There is purpose in each thing through which we go.
For I may not see it through your eyes,
but this one thing I've come to realize:
regardless of how crazy life may get,
God Most High retains all order yet!

Yea, trials, they be constant for each one;
but, for God's Own, His sovereign will be done!
Regardless of the trials that you face,
o do your best to handle them with grace!

I hear so many folks who have gone through rough times say "Maybe next year will be better..."  What if it's not?  Wherein lies hope?  If your hope is not in Jesus Christ alone, there's no telling how your year, your life, your every day will turn out.  TRUST IN JESUS!!  He's not going to take away all of this life's problems, He IS going to provide an Anchor for your life so you do not drift away in the fray!