Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Who You Are

Do you KNOW who you are?  That's a question a lot of folks spend a lot of time and money trying to find out.  I know Who has the answer!

"You've made me who I am, oh Lord,
(and life has had a hand!)
Should I try to be someone I'm not,
I could not even stand!
Just like the way the world tries
to impress or even replace,
should I try to attempt the same
I fall flat on my face!
You've made me this way for YOUR reasons--
so far beyond our own,
and honoring You best be that
my TRUE self would be shown!
Too many see I every day
be something they are not.
They can't see, but those around them,
fraudulence, can spot!!"

Why be someone or something 'better'
when YOU create the 'best?'
Be happy, genuine, complete
and, when you are, you're blessed!
Such waste of time and effort be
'facades' we try to don,
when, in all actuality, 
the BEST is when WE'RE 'on!'

Yes, be who God created you to be.  He made you just the way you are...embrace it!  Nobody does it better than YOU!  For God does not make 'mistakes' or 'trash,' He creates gems that cannot be duplicated!


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