Tuesday, December 21, 2021

What month IS this?!

Once again.  Four days before Christmas...and we are having record heat?!  Such is the wonder of God...AND the beauty of the Ozarks!

Underneath the canopy
of soggy afternoon;
the blanket of the fog rolled in
and muted colors strewn!
It's yet so unseasonable
in the middle of it all!
By now, the little flakes of snow
are supposed to come to call!
Enjoy it all before the final
colors disappear;
for even though it's overcast,
a few of them are here.
God Himself has painted those leaves
that gently fly away--
entertaining and rewarding
in oh so many a way!

The treasure for the eyes to find
but everywhere at all.
Such 'scenery of season' should have
gone back in 'the fall!'
But NEVER is each day the same
for them that be 'devout!'
For life is newer EVERY DAY,
and we are NOT without!

Ah, yes, the glory of His creation...at any time at all...AND whatever HE chooses to send!  No complaints here!  For I know that there will be days ahead and soon where I will cherish this 'unseasonable' day!  It may say on the calendar that this is Jesus' time of year, but the atmosphere sure says otherwise.  HOWEVER, Jesus is greater than the weather and HE WILL be celebrated!!

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