Sunday, December 26, 2021


People watch you and the things you do all day long.  Does THAT matter to you?  Is there anything you would do differently if you constantly thought about this?

'To be the man you really are
no matter where or when...'
The same--for it be quite a challenge
to the best of men!
There is so much we each go through
but all throughout the day;
can such be done without facade?
Only if one would pray!
For eyes are on us constantly
regardless what we do.
Whomever you are, there are people
that look up to you.
What do they behold when you
not even are aware?
Do YOU live by a code of ethics?
Do you even care?

Every man will answer for
events that have occurred--
every thought and deed that is,
every single word.
Be there any apprehension
knowing this set fact?
Thus, the workings of the heart
must be so closely tracked!

To be the person that GOD wants,
some effort will it take.
But doing so, a difference in
eternity, will make!

Yes, what you do and say has an effect on life...AND PEOPLE!  It has been said that folks will soon forget what you say, but they will always remember what you do.  May we be 'Doers of The Word' and not merely speakers of Him!

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