Wednesday, December 15, 2021

THIS is 'joyous?!'

GOD IS SO GOOD!  This be truth settled even before time itself.  If you turn on the daily news, however, one can SEE that a whole lot of folks are not experiencing 'good' this week!  May each of us find THAT 'good,' no matter what is going on about us!

Safe and sound but all the day,
victorious, as well;
prosperous of His great hand--
what blessings to compel!
And, due His calling on our lives,
do we bless others, too!
Not just that we 'belong,' it is
the proper thing to do!

Secure and sound--wherever we
may find ourselves each day.
KNOWING we 'belong' frees us
to bless others on the way!
The greater blessing comes our way
the more that we should give.
His eyes alone to know the heart,
His Word to cause us 'live!'

So many yet to 'belong' they though,
thus press on, press on!
'The need,' for it will always be,
until He says 'BE GONE!'
Eternal, too, be His supply
for His love to dispense,
and very certain be the promise

Safe and sound but all the day,
following His lead.
The instruction of Holy Spirit
ever may we heed!
His recompense is certain, but
His ways are NOT our ways!
Just follow Christ and listen to Him
all throughout our days!

'Safe and sound.'  There is good part of this world that cannot attest to this right now, but press on!  THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS!  For 'joy to the world' still rings out throughout hearts and heavens and, regardless of your current state, it WILL manifest itself soon!

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