Sunday, December 5, 2021

There IS a Better Way!

It is that time of year.  The busier your life is during the year, it is even more busy at this time!  Can anything interrupt or disturb that?  Hmm...

Celebrations now increasing

at a harried pace!
In keeping up with all of it
too often miss we 'grace!'
'We must be at that place at that time,
lest what would they think?'
Some 'tradition' has gotten to
the point where it would stink!

'Hey Buzz, we really missed you at
the party Saturday!
We thought for sure that YOU would be there!
What do you have to say??'
But on my way there Saturday
I found a homeless man.
I took him to a diner--it was
part of Jesus' plan!
Then I took him shopping for
the things that he would love.
He got my name and number but,
MY heart, he got hold of!

Yes, so many things are planned and are
already happening.
But how many of those 'things' affect a life
in ways that are 'lasting?'
For I would rather touch a life
in ways that Jesus leads,
than attend a fete that would
affect nobody's needs!
So many 'opportunities'
encounter us each day,
but just how many of them point one
to The Narrow Way?
May we be led by 'heart' and not
'tradition' in these times;
'to feed our ego,' it is listed
in the worst of crimes!!

CHRISTMAS.  It is a time of joy and celebration.  And there is no shortage of events at which to do such.  It is also a very painful time for many.  And one of those 'many' may be closer to you than you think!  Ponder this each day.

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